Thursday, 6 September 2012

The parks are open and the sculptures are in!

Have you walked around the new parks yet? All the sculptures are installed and standing proudly in place.

We have also created a trail leaflet to help you discover them all and it can be picked up at the Pennine office in Manor Park or at the Discovery Centre on Manor Lane.

Here's some photos of the finished artworks:

Poppy Fields

Castle View Park

Seaton Field

Friday, 30 March 2012

The Sculptures are Coming!

So everyone has been busy creating all the beautiful artworks for your new parks in Manor Park and below are some images of the process:

Poppy Fields:

The steel framework for the entrance sign before the glass has been added. 

The giant poppy seed heads

The polystyrene model for one of deer seats. This will then be cast in resin ready for the concrete casting.

Castle View Park:

The top of the entrance frame ready to be rusted and then assembled on site.

The water cutting machine working on the poem that is cut into the main frame. This took 30 hours of constant cutting to finish!

Seaton Fields:

The polystyrene model for the comb seat. Base is cast concrete and the top will be wooden slats.

The start of the ladies in waiting model made in polystyrene. This will be carved into and then cast in resin ready for the final concrete cast.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Design sketches for new park artworks

So now we have the new names for the park, myself and Ana have been coming up with some designs for artworks, seats and entrance features to go in them.

Seaton Fields:

The Ladies in Waiting
These sculptures are inspired by the name of the park. Mary Seaton was one of Mary Queen of Scots's ladies in waiting, of which she had four, all called Mary. These sculptures will be situated at each entrance of the park and will be made from white concrete with a step seat at the back of them.

Mary Seaton was known as the best hairdresser in the land during her time as Mary Queen of Scots lady in waiting. To celebrate this we have designed some benches based on Tudor combs.

The play area
Working with students from Park Academy we created coats of arms and symbols that represented Manor Park. Using these and traditional symbols for Mary Queen of Scots, we have designed a pattern for the soft play surface that the children's play equipment will be on. The star shape is from Mary Queen of Scot's plaster ceiling in the turret house that she was imprisoned in. It is said that she designed this ceiling pattern.
Castle View Park:

Frame sculptures
These frames will be used to frame views across Sheffield, one at the entrance to the park and the other larger one framing the view looking towards Manor Lodge.
Commemorative tree plaques
These plaques will be celebrating the work of all the great heroes of Manor park and the work that they have been doing. If you have any suggestions for people you feel should be on the plaques please let us know.

Poppy Fields:

Poppy heads
These giant poppy seed heads will be in clusters of three at each entrance of the park and made from orange rusted steel.
Entrance railings
These will be at the entrance and have the name of the park made in metal with thick coloured glass details.

Deer seating plinths
These will be dotted around the park for sitting on and are to remember that the area was once a deer park during the Tudor times.These will be made from concrete.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Winning Park Names

The Winning park names are.....

Park 1: Seaton fields 

Park 2: Castle view Park

Park 3: Poppy fields

We've even made some specially designed beermats for you to fill in with your park 
names at all the local pubs and social clubs.